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Are night cream, anti-aging cream and anti-wrinkle cream same?

What is ideal for a woman in her 50s to go for, is it an anti-wrinkle cream, anti-aging cream, or a night cream? Are they more or less same?Are night cream, anti-aging cream and anti-wrinkle cream same?
pretty much
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  • Which is the best product name for anti-aging cream?

    AVON has anti-aging products that are WONDERFUL!! They are set up in regimens according to age. These are the ANEW products. OR...you can use the ANEW Alternative through AVON which reverses wrinkles, restores contours, and repairs damage for any age skin. There is a day cream and night cream for this product.Which is the best product name for anti-aging cream?
    I prefer a product called Neo-Strata. It is only sold in doctor's offices, but I get mine on eBay for about 1/3 the price. My favorite is the Daytime Protection Cream. I worked in a Dermatologist's office for 8 years, and that is what the doctor used herself, and recommended to her patients.Which is the best product name for anti-aging cream?
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    Established products or businesses realize the value of customer good will. A well chosen name will provide an extra marketing advantage, that may mean the difference between failure and success.

    Companies go to great lengths to trademark and protect the usage of their name.

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    For further details and/or questions, please contact me at:



    Thank you!

    Shannon Moore
    ask people that work at the stores that sell product which one is the best

    Which is the best anti aging cream for indian woman starting in early 30's?

    i would like to know which is the best cream for indian woman for reducing wrinkles ...around eyes.. laughing lines.....please can any beautians or any derrmotologist can suggest me...Which is the best anti aging cream for indian woman starting in early 30's?
    Artistry Time Defiance products can be used for all skin colors and all skin types and they're VERY VERY good! You can get more information at the link below.

    http://aorihuela.qbeautyzone.com/Which is the best anti aging cream for indian woman starting in early 30's?
    i think you should try to reduce those wrinkle with natural way. you can use fruit or plant that you know can help reduce those wrinkle . you can get more information link follow:


    What is the best anti-aging/wrinkle cream out there at an inexpensive price?

    10 great tips that will take years off your face.

    1. Apply moisturiser regularly. Dry skin tends to lose elasticity earlier than oily skin, so applying moisturiser helps combat wrinkles, as it keeps the skin supple. It helps to keep in mind that air-conditioners and room heaters tend to dry out the air, and consequently, your skin. Apply a heavier moisturiser if you are going to be sleeping in an air-conditioned room. If possible, place a humidifier in the bedroom.?

    2. Avoid resting your face on your arm. This stretches your skin.?

    3. While removing eye make-up, be very gentle. The eyes are the first areas of the face to develop wrinkles. Under no circumstances should you stretch or pull the delicate under-eye skin.?

    4. The ageing effects of the sun are as severe as time itself. Make sure you stay out of the sun between 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., when the sun is at its strongest. If you must step out in the sun, wear a cap or carry an umbrella. Apply sunscreen lotion even if you are indoors, during the day.?

    5. Wear sunglasses if you step out in the sun. Not only do they look great, but they also prevent you from involuntarily crinkling your eyes due to the glare of the sun. This action causes premature wrinkling, and should be avoided.?

    6. Inverted yoga postures like Chakrasana, Sirshasana, Sarvangasana, Adhomukha Svanasana, increase circulation to the face. Oxygen is pumped into the face, which helps rejuvenate skin. Inverted poses are of tremendous benefit, and also help delay the onset of grey hair. Your skin will look healthier and firmer.?

    7. Apply nourishing face masks regularly to your skin. You could purchase them, or use ingredients from your kitchen shelf. Egg yolk is extremely beneficial, so if possible, apply it at least once a week. Leave on for ten minutes and wash off. Honey, olive oil, malai (at least a day old), unboiled milk, are all excellent for skin as well. Apply a nourishing mask twice a week. Years down the line, when your contemporaries faces are lined with wrinkles, you will be glad you did.?

    8. Don?t smoke. By smoking, you are increasing the levels of toxins in your body. In addition, the constant puckering of lips around the cigarette, to draw smoke, causes lines around the mouth. Similarly, consume less alcohol. Alcohol, if had in excess, causes puffiness the next morning. This puffiness causes the skin to stretch, and consequently quickens the onset of wrinkles.?

    9. Anti-ageing creams do help, though they are not the miracle workers they claim to be.

    10. Chickpeas (channas) and soya beans have been found to contain ingredients that combat wrinkles.What is the best anti-aging/wrinkle cream out there at an inexpensive price?
    Best is Le Mer (maybe it is La Mer), but it costs an arm and a leg.

    i buy the small travel sizes and little packets on ebay.What is the best anti-aging/wrinkle cream out there at an inexpensive price?
    Shoot! They are all the same! Just clean; moisturize and protect and your skin will be fine! I used to buy really expensive Department Store cosmetics. Bookoo Bucks. But forget it! I use Aveeno %26amp; buy it all WalMart! I hear Oil of Olay products are rated very high on the research lists.
    a healthy diet, excercise, organic foods, and omega 3 rich foods or supplements. as well as protein. these things build your skin. excercise makes your skin structure rejuvenate itself. water flushes the toxins from your body that cause skin problems. fiber helps too like water does.

    these things alone will not get rid of your wrinkles, but they may make you feel and look healthier and possibly younger. there is NO cream out there that will get rid of your wrinkles. its just impossible.
    What do you mean my ';inexpensive';? Are there certain areas of your face you want to target? I am prone to wrinkles around my eyes, and absolutely love the Advanced Eye Recovery from Aloette's anti-aging line. They use natural ingredients like aloe vera in all their products, and it makes my skin so soft and smooth. A bottle is $54.95 and lasts me a long time.


    If that is still too much for you, the Time Repair Anti-Wrinkle Serum is more inexpensive at $44.50, and is very lightweight. My skin feels so wonderful after one use. I put it all over my face twice a day:


    Hope this helps!
    Nivea, anti wrinkle cream with sp4, its about $8 and works great, and the jar lasts a long time too, not greasy!
    try strivectin SD is really good and is only $100 for 8oz is really good

    What is a good anti-aging eye cream?

    I'm 24 and starting to think I should be a little more proactive about wrinkles! What are some good eye creams for this? Thanks!What is a good anti-aging eye cream?
    My mom is 39 and she uses Olay EVERYTHING and people ask her if shes in collage (: Haha i recomend it!What is a good anti-aging eye cream?
    I use Nivea Visage Day Cream, it's very light and always makes my face feel nice and smooth.

    You should get one with SPF or UV filters in it as the sun can be really damaging to your skin, apply it before you put on your make-up and your face will be protected throughout the day :)
    you should watch the show from Oprah when she discuss with DR. Oz about a new powerful anti-aging. check the video at my source
    rub french toast on ur pupils
    ponds age miracle or olay

    How old where you when you bought your first tube of anti-aging cream?

    I got one yesterday, but I just kind of look at it like a rodent on my vanity. Like I'm admitting I'm old. So how old were you?How old where you when you bought your first tube of anti-aging cream?
    25How old where you when you bought your first tube of anti-aging cream?
    Haven't had one.
    never had one!
    in my early 20's- that's crazy, even the saleswoman told me not to bother.
    Not there yet.
    Actually, my dad was obsessed with himself and he had this cream and he thought i was ugly(which im not) and he is..and fat...(i dont share ANY genes with him cause my mom had an affair lmao) and he made me use it and said it would make me less ugly so i did and when my mom saw it she's just like what the f*ck why are you using anti aging cream and im like its moisturizer and she's like no it isnt and laughed and i was so mad and i was only 9!
    haven't yet, I'm 27
    billy is 51 and hasn't tried it, yet.
    i bought mine last year at 26.

    I'm 14, should I start using an Anti Aging/wrinkle cream or serum?

    I don't know if I should or not. I only use moisturizer and night cream. I don't wear make up or anything. I heard that the early you use it the better the out come is or something like that? But I think I'm too young? Help Please =]I'm 14, should I start using an Anti Aging/wrinkle cream or serum?
    I went to sephora and they all told me not to use anti-aging and Im 18. It can disrupt your skin and disrupt the production of natural oils which keep you from aging anyways. So it will actually be worse for you. And believe me....I've tried asking at many different sephoras and they all told me the same thing. sad :(((( I really wanted Perricone. I even tried going to La Prairie, which is a high-end brand used by the Ritz Carlton spa in NYC and they said they would feel guilty for letting me buy their products. They said it would do worse for my skin since anti-aging products are for older people whose skin has already stopped producing those natural oils. And I was about to get my parents to pay $650 for their Platinum product.The most you should do which will prevent aging is proper skincare. cleanse, tone, moisturize, and protect.

    My very expensive skincare regimen LOL:

    a good cleanser

    I use my Clarisonic brush with my Ole Henriksen Aloe Vera cleanser)

    Ole Henriksen Aloe Vera Cleanser


    Clarisonic Brush %26lt;------- LOVE!!!!!! I worship it.


    a toner

    I use Ole Henriksen Grease Relief Tonic


    a moisturizer (oil-free if you have acne prone, oily, or combination skin)

    I use Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation %26lt;--- OMG.....as you can tell...I love this lne.


    and sunscreen (preferably oil-free)

    I use Peter Thomas Roth Oily Problem Skin Instant Mineral Powder SPF 30.


    and a bonus for my regimen which wasn't necessary was using a serum.

    I use Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum:


    I had my skin analyzed in a skin analyzer machine at Bloomingdales and I had better skin than 95% of the population. :)

    Whats weird was that I had so little sun damage that the lady asked me if I ever went under the sun since it was so unusual. I've been using sunscreen for years lol. Thtas why.I'm 14, should I start using an Anti Aging/wrinkle cream or serum?
    DO NOT START when you see wrinkles whoever answered that is moronic... you are in the preventative years... but you shouldn't use a wrinkle cream or anti-aging, but do use a moisturizer with spf in it already or buy an spf cream for your face. Using these products while you are this young will decrease your chances of getting them when your older, now grant it, your bound to get them, but daily face care is the best way at your current age. I also would recommend Aveeno Positively Radiant cream face wash. Now i've never tried using this but I read in a magazine that using fresh lemons with not only help with wrinkle prevention but it will also get rid of freckles if you have any. Hope this helps.
    im a licensed esthetician(skin care specialist) and i would say its too early to start at the age of 14. you should start preventive aging care when your in your early twenties. However from now all you can do to protect your skin and prevent it from aging is use sunscreen. sun exposure is the number one cause of premature aging. And cleanse your face twice a day then follow with a moisturizer with a minimum of spf 15 to protect your skin and keep it moistrized.
    Anti wrinkle creams are now available for use by those people who wish to eliminate these lines under the eyes and wrinkles on the forehead. But as there is a flurry of products it is a Herculean task to select the best one. So we have to do a fair bit of research before going for a product. According to Dr.Oz, The best anti aging products are the ones which have the natural extracts of red wine, Matrixyl 3000 and other essential fatty acids to boost the skin tightening.

    Completely Natural:

    According to a recent research conducted by a leading dermatological company, Dermitageis the best anti aging cream till date. The reason being the effects it has on the skin at the first instance itself. You can feel the aura of the cream and its action almost instantly. But you may have to wait for two to three weeks for the miracle to happen.

    Wrinkle Cream must have Natural Contents Like:

    * The extracts of the red wine like Resveratrol

    * Collagen extracts

    * Matrixyl 3000

    * Natural Cream base

    Best Wrinkle Cream Comes With Following Advantages:

    * Clears Darkening Under the Eyes

    * Stimulates Renewal of Skin Cells

    * Rejuvenate the aging skin

    * Restore the youthful radiance

    Actually selecting right product is most difficult thing. But I saw Dr.OZ on Oprah's Show suggesting Dermitage (For Removing Wrinkles) and Resveratrol Supplement (For Controlling Aging Process). I did lot of research to find to right Source for both Products. While doing my research on net, I found that few Companies offering Free Trail as they are very confident about results.
    Never to early to start! (: Im 14 also, and my dad actually works at a anti aging skin care company and I use the products every day. And the doctor that works at the compant recomends me to use her products! so sure! You can use them! :D
    No way! When they say 'earlier the better' with that stuff, they're talking like 30, not 14. Use oil-free moisturizers and, if your skin gets oily at all, use acne wash or some other kind of acne prevention. Trust me, you won't be getting wrinkles for another decade or two at LEAST.
    I don't think you should start yet. You're only 14. Start when you see wrinkles.
    your 14 and you want to use an anti aging cream?
    no you shouldn't age like a real human and dont woory about self image do you want to end up like joan rivers
    yeah!! you are TOOOO young for anti aging/wrinkle cream!!
    Simple answer, No.
    THATS WHAT I SAID!!!!!!!!! im glad someone else thinks it too

    anyway great question!!!!!!!!!:P


    ILY xoxo
    No. It's a waste of money.
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